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About Us

El Tahan Clinic - Dr. Alaa El Tahan Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon. It is considered one of the finest medical clinics specialized in the field of orthopedics, orthopedics, and joint injuries.

And is keen to provide all medical services and health care to patients at the highest level, in the field of bone and joint treatment using the latest technology in this field.



Providing exceptional and integrated medical care for patients with bone fractures, artificial joints, stadium and spine injuries, and a commitment to treat cases in order to improve human life in all areas of life. In addition to maintaining the quality of our services to our patients and providing them with honesty, respect and confidence, in accordance with the highest international medical standards and by using the latest findings of medical research and studies in this field and with the highest and highest quality technologies.


A true and integral skeleton.


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Dr. Alaa El-Tahan - Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Alaa Al-Tahan
Orthopedic consultant
German Fellowship in Orthopedic and Joint Surgery - Frankfurt
Consultant of orthopedics and industrial joints in Al-Hilal Hospital
Member of the German Orthopedic Association

Dr. Mohammad Bakr

(D) Doctorate of Orthopedics

Specialist in orthopedics and joints

Dr. Ziad Al-amir Abdel Qadir


(D) Master of Orthopedics and Spine

Dr. Hussein Al-Najjar

(D) Doctor of Orthopedic Surgery

Specialist in orthopedics and joints

Dr. Ahmed El Sebaei


(D) Master of Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

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El Tahan Clinic - Roxy (Heliopolis)

Address: 50 Caliph Al-Mamoun - Roxy - Heliopolis

+20229248489 - +201120144442

Working days: Saturday - Monday - Wednesday from 8 pm to 12 pm
days: Sunday- Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm

El Tahan Clinic - Mahalla El-Kubra

Al-Mahalla El-Kubra - Delta Plaza Tower - Talaat Harb Square - Fifth Floor Flat 502

0402223460 – 01552707834

Working days: Tuesday From 8 pm to 11 pm